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Jury hears recordings of Boyd threatening to kill police multiple times

Most of the public has seen two minutes of the shooting of James Boyd, but there are 3 1/2 hours of recordings the public has not heard much about until now.

Defense attorneys for former officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez say James Boyd threatened to kill police officers 19 times during that standoff. They played recordings of those threats to the jury.

“We are all going to die tonight,” Boyd is heard saying on police recordings.

Defense attorneys for the former officers charged with killing Boyd say he not just a homeless camper looking for a place to rest his head, but a man with a long and violent criminal history that included attacking peace officers.

“I’m not going to die tonight. You’re going to die for me. You’re going to die for your family tonight,” Boyd told the officers prior to the shooting.

The defense said officers asked or told Boyd to drop his knives 33 times during the standoff.

But the prosecution says Boyd was mentally ill. KOAT legal analyst John Day says the state wants that factored in this case.

“Mr. Boyd was very disturbed, someone who was paranoid schizophrenic. That these threats are simply someone who is agitated, someone who is angry,” Day said.

The defense told jurors that prior to the fatal shooting of Boyd, former Detective Keith Sandy had never fired his weapon. His father had been an Albquerque Police Department officer and was shot in 1969. 

Prosecutors immediately asked to talk to the judge, fearing that information would make the jury sympathetic.

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