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Jury foreman in James Boyd case says members were split from the start

The man in charge of running the jury room in the James Boyd case said the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on whether former Albuquerque police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez were guilty of murder.

“We just came to an impasse,” said Ray Davilla.

Judge Alisa Hadfield asked all 12 jurors for their votes on the charges against Sandy and Perez. The count came down to nine voting “not guilty” and three voting “guilty.”

Davilla was in the minority.

“I’ll be honest, I did feel the officers were guilty,” Davilla said.

He said the after reviewing the evidence, it looked as though Boyd was ready to surrender and he says APD made mistakes.

“In the turn he made away from the officers and what some of us felt was a surrendering fashion, made it, made it for the most part clear,” Davilla said.

Davilla said for the nine jurors, though, the evidence didn’t support the murder charges.

“They felt like from the outset of his threats on the police officers made, made the officers decision pretty much overwhelming,” Davilla said.

But Davilla did say all 12 kept coming back to helmet camera video, taken right before the fatal shots were fired.

“It came down to those last few seconds,” Davilla said. He told KOAT-TV the whole case for the 12 jurors boiled down to that video and that they watched it dozens of times behind closed doors.

Davilla said he believes the state should retry the case, because many of the jurors didn’t think the state or the defense did as good of a job as they should have.

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