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Judge declares mistrial after two full days of deliberations

Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez showed no emotion while waiting to hear their fates Tuesday.

The two former officers were both charged with second-degree murder, accused of shooting James Boyd after a standoff in the foothills two years ago.

Twelve men and women sat through about three weeks’ worth of testimony before getting the case late Thursday evening. They deliberated again all Friday and Tuesday before telling the judge around 5 p.m. that they could not reach unanimous verdicts for the two men.

Nine jurors voted not guilty, while three voted guilty. They also couldn’t agree on aggravated battery against Sandy. The numbers left the judge no choice but to declare a hung jury.

“Based on this information, the court finds that there’s no reasonable probability that the jury can agree, and I’m going to conclude this proceeding by declaring a mistrial,” Judge Alisa Hadfield said.

Because the case resulted in a mistrial, the prosecution can choose to retry it. It will likely be a decision for the new district attorney, who gets sworn in in January.

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