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John Fox mocks ‘hot-dog-laden press box,’ admits WR was open

John Fox admitted that Alshon Jeffery was open on the Bears’ final offensive play Sunday — though Brian Hoyer didn’t look in the receiver’s direction — but criticized the second-guessing of his quarterback.

“When you’re out there playing quarterback it looks a little different than when you’re up in the press box having hot dogs,” he said.

Asked if the play illustrated the difference between Hoyer and injured starter Jay Cutler, who has thrown more frequently in Jeffery’s direction, Fox again railed against the critique.

“Well, I’m not going to get into this as far as the difference between two guys,” he said. “It would have been an option that, had we had the coolness of the hot dog-laden press box we might have gone there.”

Told he looked open from the press box, Fox agreed.


“He was open from that film I just looked at, too,” he said.

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