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Jeb Bush jokes about his presidential campaign in Emmys cameo

It took a few months, but Jeb Bush is ready to make jokes about his presidential campaign.

In the opening sketch of the 2016 Emmy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel got into several cars under the ruse of getting to the Emmys on time. Each car featured characters of different Emmy-nominated TV shows, including “Modern Family” and “Veep.”

But one car had a man playing himself: Jeb Bush.

When Kimmel asked what the failed Republican presidential candidate was doing driving a limo, Bush said he was “in between jobs” and he and Kimmel talked about who would win Emmy Awards.

“If you run a positive campaign the voters ultimately make the right choice,” Bush, who dropped out of the Republican primary that was eventually won by Donald Trump, told Kimmel.

Bush then followed it up with, “Jimmy, that was a joke.” After kicking the Emmys host out of the limo, Bush shouts, “Jeb exclamation point!” A reference to his campaign logo, “Jeb!”

It was far from the only reference to the 2016 presidential election at the Emmys. Just in the opening sketch, Kimmel also joked that, “We don’t have to watch reality shows anymore, because we’re living in one.” And he asked audience members if they were ready to “make the Emmys great again.”

Later on, Kate McKinnon thanked Hillary Clinton in her Emmy acceptance speech, who the actress frequently impersonates on “Saturday Night Live.” Clinton later congratulated McKinnon on Twitter.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus said in her acceptance speech that her comedy show “Veep” felt like a “sobering political documentary” these days, and promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

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