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Jay police investigate another burglary

JAY —  Police are investigating another burglary at Howie’s Welding & Fabrication Inc. on Main Street that occurred between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Less than $200 was taken, and a window was damaged.

There was forced entry into the building through the window, Detective Michael Mejia said.

Howie’s Welding & Fabrication also was burglarized in July.  It is one of a rash of burglaries occurring in that town and police believe this one is connected to the rest. 

Police received a call early Thursday morning that the business had been broken in to overnight, he said.  

Police are following leads but have asked residents to report anything out of the ordinary at any hour. They are asked to please contact Jay Police Department at 897-6766. Anonymous tips can be submitted to www.jaypolice.org. 


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