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Jan Brewer Claims There Were Plenty Of Birther Democrats Too

Former Arizona Governor (and dead ringer for a bag lady) Jan Brewer, let one fly this morning on CNN’s State of the Union, saying there were plenty of Democrats who had questioned President Obama’s birthplace. She didn’t give any examples, and Jake Tapper just shook his head, and moved on.

Why Jan Brewer continues to occupy a panelist chair on CNN remains a mystery.

Source: Mediaite

After Marc Morial said Trump “sounded like Joseph McCarthy,” Brewer said it’s time to move on from this.

She noted that for years, “it was a feeding frenzy on both sides of the aisle.”

That comment really threw everyone, and Tapper asked Brewer if she was really saying that there were plenty of birther Democrats too.

Brewer said “absolutely” that was the case, saying that there were Democrats “all over the country… questioning where he was born.”

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