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Idaho hunter falls hundreds of feet, airlifted by Fairchild AFB


A man is recovering from his injuries after falling hundreds of feet while hunting in North Idaho.

Charles Peterson, 74, and his girlfriend, Pauline Ingersoll, 82, were hiking down a steep slope after shooting an elk. That’s when Peterson took a tumble.

“It was really steep and I landed on my ankle,” said Peterson. “It wasn’t a straight fall, it was at an odd angle, and when I came down I heard it snap and I knew it was broken.”

The fall happened near Calder, on Lemonade Peak Monday morning. Peterson says he crawled 600 feet up the steep slope, but couldn’t go any further.

“I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to crawl out of here,” said Peterson. “And I was correct.”

That’s when Ingersoll sought help.

She ran to her grandson who called 911. But because of Peterson’s location, helicopters were unable to reach him.  

Ingersoll and more than a dozen people from Calder, including first responders, worked to move Peterson up the canyon so he could be rescued.

After 10 hours, pilots from Fairchild AFB were able to airlift Peterson to safety.

He shattered his leg in three different places, but is in good spirits and recovering at Kootenai health.

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