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Hundreds rescued from flood waters in Cumberland County


At least two people are still missing in Fayetteville after floods from Hurricane Matthew inundated parts of the city Saturday night.

The number is down after authorities said two people were accounted for Monday morning. Officials are still trying to make contact with 43-year-old Boris Abbey and 45-year-old Christy Woods after the were reported missing following Matthew.

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Flooding continues to plague the area, along with power outages. Cumberland County Schools will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

A boil water advisory also remains in effect in Fayetteville after a city-wide running water outage Saturday night. Spring Lake, Sanford and Lee County are also under a boil water advisory.

The City of Fayetteville has called the situation “critical and life-threatening.” Residents are advised to stay off the roads and shelter in place.

“Stay off the roads, respect law enforcement as they do their job. And as we work with the individuals in these shelters, it’s important that we don’t have to wait and stop and work with you as a result of something that you’ve got into,” Cumberland County Sheriff Earl ‘Moose’ Butler said Sunday morning.

Watch Cumberland County officials’ update Sunday morning

Fayetteville officials said they made over 200 swift water rescues in which 574 people were rescued over the weekend. The hundreds of pending emergency calls are being prioritized by life-threatening needs. Out-of-state rescue teams from New York, New Jersey and Ohio are assisting in the city.

Watch: Fayetteville first responders rescue toddler from car trapped in water

Fayetteville police recorded a water rescue of a mother and a toddler on Facebook.

Officials are telling people to never drive through water if it’s over the road.


Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson declared a mandatory curfew from 7 p.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday because of the number of people emergency workers had to rescue from flooded vehicles as Matthew dumped heavy rain on the city.

Authorities fear the situation will get worse for Fayetteville. City officials said the Greenock Avenue Dam in the Aaran Lakes area was overtopping and officials are warning that the probability of it failing is high. People in the area are encouraged to evacuate to a shelter set up at South View High School.


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