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Hotel manager saves a tiny dog when its leash gets caught in elevator doors

Serendipity and adrenaline helped save a little pup from certain death last week in a South Carolina hotel.

The dog’s leash got caught in an elevator going up, and the dog almost certainly would have died if Ben Duke hadn’t just happened to be there when it happened.

Duke is the manager of the Rodeway Inn in Greenville, S.C. Last week, he had just stepped out of a supply closet at the hotel when a guest boarded a nearby elevator holding his dog’s leash.

The guest didn’t realize that the dog didn’t get on the elevator with him.

The doors closed, the leash got caught and the moving elevator started dragging the tiny dog toward the doors.

In a flash, Duke grabbed the leash and the pup as the elevator began pulling it upward. In the quick, frantic struggle the frightened dog squirmed and scratched Duke in the face.

“I just grabbed it, and struggled with it, then I guess adrenaline set in or something, and I snapped the leash right above my hand,” Duke told WYFF 4 in Greenville.

“The dog was scared and fought me pretty hard. In fact, he scratched me pretty good on my face. I don’t blame him. It was pretty scary.”

He told a friend what happened, and the friend asked whether there was video. Duke remembered the surveillance camera near the elevator. He told the TV station he was “blown away” when he looked at the tape.

He posted the video on his Facebook page, where it was reportedly viewed more than 10,000. Posted by various news outlets it doesn’t appear to be available for viewing any longer, though it has popped up on YouTube.

He told one Facebook commenter that he has “no clue” how he was able to save the dog. “I was praying and pulling as hard as I could,” he wrote.

He shrugs off the “hero” comments. “I just did what you are supposed to do in this situation,” he told WYFF.

He said the dog’s grateful owner was in tears he found out what he’d done.

The dog’s name, by the way, is Boo Boo.

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