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Home slated for demolition sold to woman

LA MARQUE, TX (KTRK/CNN) – Whendy Carreon saw the house her mom bought her for the first time, and immediately knew it needed work.

“They told me, look, it’s a big house, but it is going to take us a while to get it going,” Carreon said.

She said the seller didn’t tell her mom that the house was on a city list to be demolished.

They found out after they had already bought it for about $25,000.

“She was just crying and all of the courage she had to do all of this just vanished,” Carreon said.

The realtor who sold the home works for Greenspoint Investors based in Houston.

A spokeswoman for the company said the first notice they received from the city of La Marque saying that the home may be demolished was in October, one month after they sold the property.

The city of La Marque disputed that and said Greenspoint Investors knew the house was listed as a nuisance case and that they had been notified before they sold the house.

“They took advantage of her because she doesn’t speak English, she’s undocumented, you know people do that to people, they take advantage and it’s just not right, and they think we’re not going to fight back but we are,” Carreon said.

Joe Compian with Interfaith Gulf Coast has helped Carreon and her family save their home from demolition.

He’s worried other unsuspecting home buyers in the area are being victimized by other companies, too.

“I’ve been informed by the local authorities that there seemed to be an aggressive effort to sell these houses without notifying the buyers,” Compian said.

He urged potential home buyers in the area to have an inspection done on the home and check with the city to make sure there are no holds on the property before you buy it.

Carreon said that the city gave the family a year to make the home livable again, and up to code.

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