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Hillary Clinton Wants To Turn Off The Internet, Watch Cat Gifs. The Internet Answers.

Feeling a bit down, sad, angry, depressed due to the current election climate? Tell me about it. I think it is fair to say that everyone, from adults to kids, average citizens to journalists and all people worldwide are feeling the cloud of Trump stink hanging over their head as we go into the last 26 days of this truly hellish election season, including Hillary Clinton.

After Hillary said the current wave of news makes her want to turn off the TV and just watch cat gifs, her social media guru, Jess McIntosh, asked her Twitter followers to send her cat gifs. And wow, did they ever. I admit, I am not a cat person, but even I found myself going “awwww” at these adorable little furballs.





Smart cat!



Jess is still looking for more. Leave yours in the comments.

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