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Hillary Clinton to boost Emily Cain's congressional race

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton plans to offer nearly $250,000 to boost turnout in two hotly contested congressional races, including Maine’s 2nd District.

Her campaign manager, Roby Mook, said Clinton is offering help to U.S. Senate, House and gubernatorial races across America.

The campaign is seeking to boost the fortunes of a couple of dozen Democratic congressional hopefuls, with special emphasis on a Nebraska contest and Emily Cain’s bid in Maine to unseat freshman Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

Trump “is desperately trying to shift attention from his own disastrous campaign” without success, Mook said.

Mook said in a conference call with reporters that he expects to see the largest turnout in history this year because of growing enthusiasm for Clinton as the Trump campaign deals with a host of issues including the tape recording of Trump bragging of his sexually predatory behavior.

He also dismissed Trump’s concerns about potential rigging of the vote.

“This is going to be the easiest, most accessible election in our history,” Mook said.

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