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Hey Donald, You Go First On The Pre-Debate Drug Test, Okay?

During yet another deranged rally today, Donald Trump claimed Hillary Clinton was at home getting “pumped up” ahead of Wednesday’s debate, in a clear reference to some mysterious drug use he’s convinced she has.

Sniffer-in-Chief Trump once again projected, saying “Athletes. They make them take a drug test. I think we should take a drug test prior [to the debate.]”

He then invented a universe where Secretary Clinton was “so weak she could hardly make it to her car,” before adding, “I don’t know what is going on with her.”

All I have to say to this inanity is, “You go first, Donald.” I’m sure we’d love to know what’s causing all those sniffles on the stage.

At this point, we can assume that everything he says at rallies is either performance art or projection. His dismantling of the Teleprompter at an earlier rally was simply another way to tell his audience he was just a regular, raging guy and not one of those horrible get-it-done scripted politicians they’ve all come to hate.

This is no different. He’s lost two debates badly, the third isn’t going to be any better for him even with a friendly moderator, and so he’s just setting the stage for his demise by delegitimzing his opponent.

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