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'He's really created a lot of fear,' DA says of decision to jail man after scary clown caper

Jonathan Kline went a step too far with his scary clown gig, a Dauphin County prosecutor said Wednesday.

The 34-year-old Kline already was facing four harassment and stalking cases before police said he donned a clown mask and started jumping out in front of cars in East Hanover Township last week.

So the decision was made that enough was enough and Kline was slapped into the county prison, where he is sitting in lieu of $400,000 bail, Deputy District Attorney David Wilson said.

“He’s really created a lot of fear,” Wilson said. “He’s trying to say it wasn’t as big deal. Our victims are saying something different.”

He said Kline began falling afoul of the law last year, when he started harassing women who jilted him.

“He was already revoked once (before the clown caper) for violating the conditions of his bail,” Wilson said.

“Then he pulls this clown stunt,” the prosecutor said.

Kline told PennLive that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He said he was just carrying the clown mask to the home of a friend, whom he intended to scare.

Wilson said the final straw came when Kline, who had been free after posting $125,000 bail, began commenting on that PennLive story.

“One of his bail conditions is that he is not to communicate on social media,” Wilson said. “Then he starts commenting on PennLive. We consider that a violation of his bail.”

County Judge John F. Cherry approved the latest bail boost that put Kline behind bars pending his prosecution on the harassment and stalking cases.

Attorney William Fulton, who represented Kline at one of his preliminary hearings, but no longer has him as a client, said he is convinced Kline isn’t a danger to the public.

The scary clown phenomenon has been making national headlines of late. Sightings, real and imagined, have prompted public concern and sometimes even violence.


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