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Hero the dog lives up to his name by saving 4-year-old from miles away

Hero the dog keeps proving that he has the right name.

A trained diabetic alert dog, Hero has been helping to keep Sadie — who has Type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome — safe by warning her parents if he blood sugar levels become too high or too low for a few years now.

He paws the left hand if Sadie’s blood sugar level drops too far and the right hand it is gets too high.

It sounds incredible, but Sadie’s Hero Facebook page is filled with examples of Hero tipping the family off to a problem with Sadie. Sadie’s mom said the dog alerts the family multiple times about Sadie’s unstable blood sugar levels.

But the 3-year-old Labrador’s best save came in December of 2015. With 4-year-old Sadie off at school and Hero at home, the dog began whining.

“Whining is not his protocol. but he just started whining and would not stop,” Sadie’s mom Michelle told the CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So she called the school to ask them to monitor Sadie — and within 30 minutes her blood sugar fell dramatically. Hero’s vigilance paid off, and Sadie got the care she needed.

Michelle explained in a Facebook post that Hero must have a full-time guide to accompany Sadie to school, a job that is too big for Sadie. But the dog goes most everywhere else with Sadie, like weddings and the hospital, as evidenced by their Facebook page.

Hero was trained at Tattle Tail Scent Dogs, which is owned by KC Owens.

“They’re easy to train, they’re bred for their nose,” Owens told the TV station.

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