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Greenacres man warns of handyman scam


One man in Greenacres, Wash. is on a mission to warn others of a handyman business he says ripped him off. When KHQ spoke with James, he asked that we not show his face. James recently moved to the neighborhood, and needed a fence for his backyard. James did a Google search that led to a Craigslist ad for a handyman. James spoke with the owner.

“He really knew what he was talking about and explained in great detail what he was going to do, how he was going to do it,” said James.

James did some research to see if this was a reputable business.

“He gave me phone numbers for references, spoke to all of them, spoke highly of him,” said James.

So James decided to use the service. He paid $1400 dollars and has receipts to prove it, but he says the handyman only did half the job.

“He did just enough to get paid. Dug holes, put post in, which I could have done myself. They’re not cemented in. There’s nothing holding them in place.

After looking further into the business, James found out that handyman has two violations from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Both are for offering to do work when not being a registered contractor.

KHQ called the owner, but got no answer. KHQ also tracked down an address, but the handyman’s brother-in-law said he didn’t live there. James didn’t have much luck either, and hired a private investigator to find him.

“They are currently tracking him. At some point he will be found to serve him the process work for court,” said James.

Now James has a warning for anyone else trying to get a fence.

“It’s not so much about the money for me. money, I can always get back. I just don’t want to see this happen to somebody else,” said James.

There are some steps you can take to see if you’re dealing with a reputable business before exchanging money. You can run the business name through the Better Business Bureau Website to see if they’re accredited. You can also check the Washington State Department of Revenue website to see if the business even exists and has a current business license. If you do become a victim of this type of scam you can file a complaint with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

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