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Gov. McCrory warns of possible 'historic' flooding from Hurricane Matthew


With North Carolina in a State of Emergency, the governor is warning people to prepare for possible historic flooding.

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More than 100 people are in the Emergency Operations Center Saturday morning; it stays staffed around the clock.


Representatives from the National Guard, FEMA, and the State Highway Patrol are coordinating resources to deal with whatever Hurricane Matthew brings to North Carolina.

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In the Situation Room, officials went through the morning briefing. Agencies are tracking the models of Hurricane Matthew, and watching closely where the impacts will be. Officials know the forecast of the storm could change as it’s moving up the coast. Crews must be ready for the worst-case scenario.

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NC State Emergency Management Director Mike Sprayberry is honing in on eastern North Carolina and the Sandhills, which have already seen devastating flooding in recent weeks. The big fear is the heavy winds and rain headed their way. Sprayberry says swift water rescue teams and other resources are already in place to respond.

“We got 16 National Guard vehicles that are high-water vehicles that are there with the troops, that can go in and perform rescues, carry supplies,” Sprayberry explained. “I think we’re well positioned to surge resources to the impacted areas.”

The Salvation Army is also working out of the EOC – they have staged seven mobile feeding trucks along I-95.

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