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GA mother 'scared and emotional' during Hurricane Matthew evacuation with newborn


A Georgia mother posted an emotional story about giving birth to her son and being evacuated from a hospital as Hurricane Matthew bares down the east coast.

Shelia Bishop wrote on her Facebook page Thursday that she was taken via ambulance with her newborn son on her lap from Brunswick to Augusta – and that she had never been more emotional and scared. 

After giving birth to her son, Foster, just 24 hours before her evacuation, the mother and her first born was among the last to be evacuated. Both mother and baby were secured properly during the transport. 

Here is her entire post: 

I don’t think I have ever been so emotional and scared. Just one day ago, I gave birth to a miracle. This week has been full of unexpected events which have led me to where I am now… buckled in the back of an ambulance with my newborn baby on my lap. We’re the very last people to be evacuated from the hospital.

I am a new mom, frightened for my first born, and I’m staring out the side of the ambulance window at my husband patiently waiting in the car to follow us to a hospital 3 hrs away in Augusta. As we drive away from the hospital all I can think about is how bad everyone is saying this storm is going to be and what loved ones and friends are being left behind. My immediate family are already safe in middle Ga. and I realize my sons only grandma is going to be left behind to watch our pups.

I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if anything ever happened to Sherry. I just called her and convinced her to let Matthew come pick her up in Jesup so she can be with us. A few minutes driving onto 95 and I see Matthew pull off an exit and the ambulance driver asks where he’s going. I tell him and a second later Matthew calls me.

Never, have I ever heard my husband sound so upset, the emotion coming over the phone is incredibly heart wrenching. I ask what’s wrong and he’s says he is going to pick up his mom so we can all be safe and he just realized that means leaving me and our baby. Y’all. I’ve never felt so lost!

We have had so much happening lately and the thought of being apart from my husband and my family has completely broken me! I’m so scared and I feel so alone! I guess I’m posting this so people that have loved ones that are in the hurricanes way will rethink riding the storm out and get to safety with their family and friends. Even if it does just blow over, at least you know you did all you could.

Please continue to pray for me, Matthew, Foster, our family, and our safety! Be safe everyone!!!! & Please go be with your loved ones! #hurricanematthew #augustabound #family#southeastgaregional #trinityhospitalofaugusta #FosterGrey #evacuationWTOC-TV #3andahalfweekspremature #8lbbaby #24hrcsection

Bishop says she was reunited with her husband and mother-in-law about an hour after they arrived in Augusta. She said the transport services treated her and Foster wonderfully, and the people at Trinity Hospital in Augusta have been very hospitable to her and her entire family. 

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