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Friday, Oct. 14, 2016: Police shootings need to stop, Gratwick for Maine Senate, a return to prayer

Uhlenhake for Brewer City Council

With less than a month away from Election Day, I like many others feel like staying home from the polls. Our choices aren’t what we had expected and feel dismal.

Then I am reminded of how important my vote is to local issues, referendums and, most important in my city, who sits on the Brewer City Council. I am casting my vote for Bev Uhlenhake. As our mayor, her honesty and hard work are inspiring. She is visible, learning about the issues and open to understanding.

Her experience in business, real estate and as a working mom with young children gives Brewer a wonderful gift on our ballots again this year. If I don’t vote for anything else, I am voting for Uhlenhake.

Kelly Cotiaux

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Police shootings need to stop

What’s missing in the conversation about police shootings is an explanation. The ongoing police violence against unarmed citizens has brought into glaring focus serious lapses in police training and a remarkable deficiency in our criminal justice system.

Why do these officers have to kill their suspects, and why haven’t they been charged accordingly? Training of law enforcement officers must include many hours of weapons management and marksmanship. If an officer’s gun is drawn but he or she still feels threatened, even though the suspect in question is not holding a gun, the officer is in control of the situation. If the suspect makes a threatening move, shoot him or her in the leg, the knee, the arm or the hand to gain control. The officer has additional rounds in his clip if additional fire power is necessary to assert authority. If these so-called “warning shots” were part of police protocol, lives would be spared. Why is that not the expected course of action?

I’m sympathetic to the challenges faced by law enforcement officials in their efforts to police our most challenged communities. The trail of innocent deaths across the country would appear to be motivated by fear and a sense of frustration by the cop’s inability to gain the upper hand in these environments.

The culture of accepted use of lethal force in altercations with unarmed citizens, nevertheless, has to stop.

David Dowley

Roque Bluffs

Re-elect Verow for House District 128

Rep. Arthur “Archie” Verow has experience as a two-term legislator, past mayor of Brewer, past city councilor and on several local boards. He also served as the Brewer city clerk. Verow is a lifelong resident of Brewer, and he is respected and admired by all who know him. He is the stronger voice for Brewer.

Margaret Guthrie


Gratwick for Senate District 9

I have had the opportunity to work with Democratic Sen. Geoff Gratwick for the past few years on issues around the opioid epidemic in our state, particularly in the Bangor region. Gratwick has been a sensible voice helping our residents and families access prevention, treatment and recovery services. He has visited treatment centers, spoken with people in recovery and he wrote a bill that would allow people to seek treatment close to home.

He and I share the belief that if treatment is made available close to where people live, it will help them and their families be actively involved in treatment as well as help them seek and maintain employment and take advantage of local support systems. Gratwick believes that keeping treatment for substance use disorders close to home saves money and lives.

For this reason and many others, my vote for who will represent Senate District 9 will be for Gratwick. I would encourage others to do the same.

Pat Kimball


The flock is coming home

As a priest, I find this election wonderful because it has brought so many people back to praying. Now, if only in our prayers we could see our relationships as being more important than our political opinions and our purpose more important than our political affiliation.

The Rev. Peter Jenks


Walk to end Alzheimer’s

Like many other people, I never fully understood Alzheimer’s disease until it hit close to home. My wife of 36 years was officially diagnosed with the disease about eight months ago. But there’s a good possibility she’s had it for much longer.

The symptoms such as slight memory loss and disorientation were there, but I just assumed it was part of the natural aging process. There’s very little I can do except care for her at home for as long as humanly possible. Thankfully, we have assistance from a home health care agency that allows me to keep my part-time job and take some personal and respite time.

But one thing I can do is participate in the Oct. 15 Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are an estimated 26,000 Maine seniors age 65 and older living with the disease today. Based on the state’s aging demographics, the number is expected to increase to 29,000 by the year 2020 and 35,000 by 2025.

Money raised from this event will go toward helping Alzheimer’s patients in our communities. The Alzheimer’s Association also is one of the nation’s most efficient charities, with 78 percent of all money raised going to care, support and research.

Michael D. Lange

St. Albans

Turcotte for House District 125

Mike Turcotte is an independent candidate for House District 125 who, if elected, would be a significant benefit to the people of Maine. Turcotte continually comes up with sensible ideas to improve Maine’s economy and uses sound engineering practice to develop these ideas. One such idea that interests me is his proposal to use Sawyer Mountain as a site for a solar panel array.

He is concerned about the lack of opportunities for the next generation of Mainers, and he is willing to listen to and work with anyone to improve economic conditions. He supports community college programs that produce the skilled workers who are needed by Maine manufacturers.

Turcotte believes Gov. Paul LePage is harmful to our national reputation, and he will seek to remove him for the good of our state. Turcotte would be a hard-working, enthusiastic and ethical representative of Maine people.

George Baker



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