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'Fresh Off the Boat' stars explore their cultural heritage in Taiwan

Fresh Off the Boat has been praised by critics for its authentic, hilarious portrayal of the Asian-American Huang family and their struggles to stay true to their proud heritage. But now, ABC’s hit comedy series will be looking at the flip side of the Huang’s cultural conflict, as the family travels to Taiwan in the season three premiere.

The episode, titled “Coming From America,” will follow Louis Huang (played by Randall Park) and his family visiting Taiwan, with Louis trying to make amends with his brother Gene and questioning whether his American life is just as great as it could be in this foreign, but familiar country.

Park spoke to Vulture about the “identity crisis” the characters encounter when coming face-to-face with their roots. “Everybody, at some point in their lineage, had to experience this sense of loss, but it’s also a sense of discovery,” Park said. “There is no real homeland anymore. It’s a weird, bittersweet mix that I feel only our show — at least right now — can really explore in this way.”

Watch the season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat on Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET | 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

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