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Fort Worth police shoot dogs during theft ring investigation

Fort Worth police shot two dogs that charged at them early Wednesday as they investigated a possible crime theft ring. One dog was killed and the other wounded, a police spokesman said.

Police were called about midnight to the home in the 5000 block of Fitzhugh Avenue on reports of a person outside with a gun.

According to a police incident report, the caller said an ex-roommate with a gun approached the house, and was yelling and making threats to have the caller come outside.

“During the process of investigating the person with a weapon call, officers recovered three stolen vehicles and multiple stolen property,” said Officer Jimmy Pollozani.

Officers were advised to retreat and guard the premises while a search warrant was obtained, Pollozani said.

Two agressive dogs charged at police, who shot them. “ No officers or civilians were injured or shot at,” Pollozani said.

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