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Former NBA star ‘almost broke’ and gets to lower his child support payments

Three-time NBA All-Star Glen Rice is “almost broke” despite a 15-year career that also included stints with the Miami Heat, the Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers.

At least, that’s according to Miami-Dade County court records made public earlier this month in a paternity suit filed against Rice by a Fort Lauderdale woman in 2010.

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The woman, Broward County guardian ad litem staffer Robin Duncan, originally managed to squeeze $1,500 a month in child support for a little girl named Gianna fathered by the then-married prolific small forward.

Last year, however, Rice filed a heart-wrenching plea to the court system to substantially lower his monthly payments, and both the court and Duncan signed off on a new deal.

On Sept. 8, Duncan agreed to $600 a month for as long as Rice got caught up with unpaid support totaling $2,000.

Why a downward adjustment, something relatively rare in child support?

Rice hasn’t been able to find a job in years, and he is “almost broke” after living off his basketball assets since he retired in 2004 and making a slew of bad investments, according to the court papers.

“A permanent, material, substantial, unanticipated and involuntary change in circumstances [warranted] a downward modification in support,” the filing reads. “The father (Rice) is in dire financial straits … He has attempted to become gainfully employed in various capacities but has been unable to earn a semblance of meaningful income.”

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The paperwork described how Rice makes money from appearances and signing memorabilia. He has also worked at basketball camps and even has been tutoring well-to-do kids in basketball.

Not enough for big child support payments, his attorney argued in the case.

Neither Rice’s lawyer nor Duncan’s returned calls for comments.

It is estimated Rice earned $35 million in his career, which included three All Star appearances.


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