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Former HPD sergeant gets 60 days for accidental shooting

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A state judge ordered retired Honolulu police sergeant Anson Kimura to 60 days in jail Wednesday for accidentally shooting a bartender when his gun went off at a Honolulu bar while he was off duty.

The 60-day jail term is part of a four-year probation sentence Circuit Judge Colette Garibaldi handed Kimura for second-degree assault. Kimura, 57, pleaded guilty to the charge in August.

Garibaldi also ordered Kimura to perform 200 hours of community service.

Honolulu police said Kimura and the woman, a bartender at the South King Street bar, are friends and that Kimura shot her in the stomach in April last year when his gun went of accidentally. Kimura retired the following month, before the Honolulu Police Department completed its internal investigation into the shooting.

Kimura’s lawyer told Garibaldi that the gun went off while Kimura was checking to see if it was loaded.

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