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First a show then a pizza? It must be serious for Justin Timberlake and this fan

Jacey Lamboley and pop star Justin Timberlake go way back.

When the student at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville needed to convince her mother to let her go to a Timberlake concert back in December 2014, Lamboley tweeted:

The move worked. Timberlake responded with “Come on, Mom!!!” The next night, Lamboley got to see Timberlake do his thing.

Lamboley jokes on her Twitter bio “one time @jtimberlake tweeted me so you could say things are getting pretty serious.”

The SIUE junior, who is a first-year pharmacy student, and Timberlake took the next step in their online relationship Wednesday. With Timberlake promoting the release of a concert documentary, “Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids,” on Netflix, he urged fans to #timberlakeandchill by sending him their favorite concert memories, and he would pick some winners to get pizza sent to them on Wednesday, the night the new show premiered on Netflix.

Lamboley, who calls herself “an extreme” Timberlake fan, jumped right into the contest. She tweeted a photo of her smiling while sitting next to a cardboard cutout of Timberlake. The two had a blanket over them, looking like they were ready to watch the show together.

“Who better to #timberlakeandchill with than the GOAT himself @jtimberlake,” Lamboley tweeted with the photo.

Somehow in the sea of Timberlake’s 56.8 million Twitter followers, Lamboley’s tweet stood out. On Wednesday afternoon, she got a message from a Timberlake representative saying that she had been picked to receive free pizza.

“I was very, very shocked,” said Lamboley, a native of Seneca.

She told them she wanted a pie from Joe’s Pizza and Pasta near the SIUE campus in Edwardsville. She had a cheese pizza delivered to her off-campus apartment and shared it with her roommates. With the pizza came a note from Timberlake:

“Here is something to help you celebrate #timberlakeandchill,” it read. “Enjoy some pizza from Justin, Twitter and Netflix. Tweet at @jtimberlake your photos using #timberlakeandchill. Enjoy!”

Lamboley wound up posing her cardboard Timberlake cutout with the pizza she received. The photo was one of several Timberlake posted to his Twitter page. The story was picked up by People Magazine, which featured the shot in its online story. NBC’s “Today” show also showed Lamboley’s picture on Thursday morning in a report it did on the giveaway.

Joe’s Pizza and Pasta wound up getting some nice publicity out of Timberlake’s special delivery, too. Justin Meredith, a manager at the Edwardsville store, said there has was some talk about what happened at the business on Thursday.

“We got a call from the franchise owners after people were calling them when it was on TV,” Meredith said. “It seemed like a big deal.”

The Edwardsville store is one of nine franchises spread throughout southern Illinois.

While Lamboley enjoyed the pizza Wednesday, she was unable to watch Timberlake’s new special. She was too busy studying for a biochemistry test.

“It went pretty well actually,” Lamboley said of the test. “It definitely wasn’t as stressful after I got a free pizza from him.”

Her Thursday plans were to sit down and watch Timberlake’s new Netflix show. The cardboard cutout, a birthday gift from her boyfriend, Collin Konito, will be close by. Whether he likes it or not, Konito will be watching, too.

“He’ll be an audience member,” Lamboley said of Konito. “He bought me the cardboard cutout, which I think he regrets a bit.”

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