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Firefighters from 6 towns contain Hanover fire on Chamberlain Way

HANOVER — A fire called in at 1:13 p.m by citizen at Stoneybrook Campground is “80 percent contained” as of 2:17 p.m, said Jay Bernard of the Maine Forest Service.

The fire damaged 1.59 acres before being contained, and units from the surrounding towns of Newry, Mexico, Rumford, Andover, Greenwood and Bethel were called to help subdue the flames.

“The biggest issue is getting water,” said Rumford Fire Chief Bob Chase. Due to the ongoing drought, the usual water sources the fire departments use, such as brooks and ponds, are dried up. So in order to get water to the fire, it had to be shuttled in by tankers from Bethel hydrants, taking about 20 minutes each load. Chase said, as of 2:17 p.m, 10,000 gallons of water were still needed to completely extinguish the fire.

No estimate on damages to the land, which is owned by a Bethel citizen, was available, and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.

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