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Fire in vacant Harrisburg house drives out neighbors

A fire in a boarded up home in the 600 block of Geary Street in Harrisburg temporarily displaced a family early Wednesday. 

Sam Smith, 52, said they heard someone banging on the door around 6 a.m., telling them of the blaze two doors down and that they immediately must get out. Seven people were in the home, including his niece and her four children aged 2 through 9 and his sister, who was visiting. 

He said they had no time to collect belongings before rushing outside. As of around 7 a.m., several of the children were wrapped in blankets at they stood across the street. Smith said firefighters told him they would eventually check for damage and inform him whether they could return to the home. 

A section of Sixth Street that had been filled with fire trucks and closed had reopened by shortly after seven. The fire appeared to have broken out on the top floor or attic in the end home in the row of eight older homes. Firefighters were still dousing the upper parts of two homes as of about 7 a.m. Official details about the fire were’t immediately available. 

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