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Fifteen cats taken from Spokane Valley home


On Thursday afternoon SCRAPS executed a search warrant on a home in Spokane Valley. 

Conditions were so bad in the house, SCRAPS officers had to wear protective gear and respirators.

Firefighters responding to a medical call the day before notified them about a large number of cats they were worried about being abandoned inside.

Once inside the officers were shocked by what they discovered.

The cats were removed from the home and checked out by a vet before being brought here to the shelter.

SCRAPS says they’re continuing to talk to the owner who could face charges as they now try to figure out what to do next.

SCRAPS will now hold the cats for 15 business days.

The owner can petition to get them back, but if that doesn’t happen they could eventually be up for adoption.

If you know someone who is suffering from a hoarding disorder, you can reach out to Ceci and her non-profit, Lightening the Load: http://www.lighteningtheload.org/

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