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Family fed up with vandals damaging baby's grave

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A mother of a baby boy buried in a Lawton cemetery is searching for the vandals who keep damaging her baby’s grave.

Valerie Moore’s son, Mason, died in March from bronchitis. Since being buried at Highland Cemetery, his grave has been vandalized 4 times. The first time was just three weeks after his death. Moore found a concrete angel marking is grave spray painted black. Since then toys, decorations, and flowers have been stolen, destroyed and ripped up.

“It just makes you think who could be so sick and cruel and disgraceful to do such a thing to a child’s grave,” said Valerie Moore, child’s grave vandalized.

Devastated and shocked is the only way Valerie Moore, the mother of 7 month old Mason Jordan Sutton, describes the way she feels about people repeatedly vandalizing her sons grave.

“This is where we lay our family to rest and that’s why they are laid to rest.Not to have people coming out here and desecrating their graves,” said Moore.

Moore went into labor at 29 weeks with Mason and his twin brother, Matthew. After spending 52 days at OU medical, they were finally released to go home. They both later got sick with bronchitis and Mason did not make it. He passed away on March 3rd. Moore comes to Highland Cemetery almost every day to spend time with her son. The first time when the concrete angel grave marker was spray painted, she thought it was just random vandalism, until the second, third and fourth time. 

“I got out and everything was ripped up missing from the grave,” said Moore.”The only thing you could see was the plastic parts that went to the solar lights and some flowers that were just all through the graveyard and footprints on top of his grave.” 

Moore says she tries to make her son’s grave special with holiday decorations and things he used to love like Mickey Mouse. She says each time she saw those special items gone from the grave, it got harder and harder. 

“I fell to my knees ,the very last time I fell to my knees because it’s already so hard,” said Moore.”It’s so hard to get over losing your twin baby boy.”

Moore attended a city council meeting last week hoping the city will do something and make changes in their security system. Leon McGahee, the Cemetery Sexton says they have LPD patrol the area when they can. McGahee says he’s seen too many families like Moore hurt over vandalism at the cemetery and he wants it stopped.

“That’s just more work for the city of Lawton that we have to get accomplished,” said McGahee.”We’d rather it not happen, so if you are the one doing it, you will get caught sooner or later.”

Moore says if she could say anything to the vandals….

“If they could hear me now, to please stop,” said Moore.”If they even have some sort of conscious at all to please realize how this is affecting the families and to please stop.”

Moore and her family had put a deer camera on a tree after the second time the grave was vandalized hoping it would catch a picture of the person doing the damage, but after a month of no pictures, they took it down. They’re hoping with the city’s and communities help, they can catch whoever is doing this.

The Highland Cemetery will hold a board meeting on Wednesday to see what security procedures they can add or if they can purchase cameras for the property.

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