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Fall reminds me …how much I love nature’s color palette!

“Look, look at this one!” Jared hands me a brilliant red maple leaf. It stood out against a golden background of trees as we made our way along the trail headed to Baldpate Mountain along the Appalachian Trail in Grafton Notch State Park.


Holding a red maple leaf during a fall hike up Baldpate Mountain in Grafton Notch State Park. (Photo by Jared Palmer)

One of the many fun activities of fall is the opportunity to look up at the trees. The brilliant color calls to us to admire the changes happening each and every moment.

Fall reminds me how much I love nature’s color palette. Fall reminds me to slow down, stop, and look up at the trees. Fall reminds me to live in the moment and experience the beauty because change is constant.  Fall reminds me that nature is not simply a place that I visit, but a place to call home.

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Looking up and admiring nature’s color palette on a backyard trail.


A leaf falls from the golden tree on a late afternoon wander in the woods.

This week, I hope you get outside to see the colorful leaves changing, soaring through the air, and settling to the ground for winter.

Many more images and musing on fall throughout the week! I hope you will join me by connecting on Facebook, Instagram, and at jlynnfrazier.com.

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