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Even LeBron James has to clean up the locker room sometimes

Leaders are supposed to model good behavior for the people they lead — and on Saturday night, basketball superstar LeBron James took that lesson to heart.

After the Cavaliers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers earlier that evening in a 108-105 preseason win, James and teammate Kyrie Irving lingered in the locker room to talk to reporters about how they had played the game.

But as Irving addressed the press, James began walking around: not to wait his turn, but to clean up after his teammates who had already left the locker room.

In addition to handing his own laundry bag to the room’s attendants, James picked up and delivered another half-dozen bags filled with his teammates’ dirty clothes, cleveland.com reported.

Though the four-time MVP tidied up after his teammates without complaint, he suggested that those who had left their clothes behind might receive a talking-to about general cleanliness.

“Hopefully I only have to say something once,” James said, according to cleveland.com. “Can’t leave the locker room like that.”

Irving, after his turn with the press, also got the hint — he turned in his dirty clothes before leaving the locker room for the night, the news site reported.

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