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Evacuations ordered after threat of Woodlake Dam failure


Officials say Woodlake Dam has been stabilized after state dam inspectors and Moore County officials announced a leak in the eastern Moore County dam late Monday night.
The news prompted the Town of Spring Lake and Moore County to issue an immediate, mandatory evacuation order to residents and businesses along the Lower Little River, which is downstream from Woodlake, after an inspector spotted a hole in the dam.

Later Tuesday, Spring Lake officials said they were lifting the evacuation because of the improving situation. But at a 3 p.m. news conference, Moore County officials said were keeping the mandatory evacuation in place there.

Spring Lake is further downstream.


A breach would send as much as two to three feet of additional flooding to downstream communities in Moore, Hoke and Harnett counties.

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Tuesday morning, officials reinforced the dam with sandbags.

Spring Lake Fire and Police Departments went door-to-door overnight to inform residents and businesses. The Spring Lake Evacuation Shelter opened at the Town of Spring Lake Recreation Center.

WATCH: Joel Brown reports from Moore County

WATCH: Residents downstream of Woodlake Dam told to evacuate
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