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E-cigarette blows up in Spokane woman's mouth

SPOKANE, Wash. -

A Spokane woman claims she lost part of her teeth when an e-cigarette blew up in her mouth. Four victims across the state filed lawsuits on Thursday, one of them a Spokane woman. The three other people involved had similar situations happen to them.

45-year-old Marlene Rubertt filed a lawsuit against Lilac City Vapor. Attorney’s in the case say it’s the lithium-ion batteries that cause the risk of fire and explosion.

According to documents, Marlene was at home in Spokane watching a basketball game on January 30, 2016. When she went to inhale from her e-cigarette, she claims it suddenly exploded in her face. She has severe injuries to her mouth and face along with burns to her neck, chest and face.

“Marlene’s damages in this case, are damages that she’ll never likely recover from. They’re permanent and because these batteries are essence in case in a cylinder similar to a bullet, they tend to fire back at the person using them,” said Marlene’s Attorney, Cheryl Snow.

KHQ talked to her brother in law briefly on Thursday who says she is still recovering to this day.

KHQ reached out to Lilac City Vapor. The owner says they’ve received several media questions about this but they weren’t aware that a lawsuit was filed against them. At this point, the owner says he does not have a comment. We have forwarded the lawsuit to him in email. 

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