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During high winds, keep an eye on blue spruce trees

SPOKANE, Wash. -

The November 2015 windstorm sent trees flying into homes and onto cars, causing damage that’s still not totally fixed. Michael Lundagen at Home Fires Nursery in Spokane told KHQ one tree in particular is the culprit for most of that damage: blue spruce trees.

“The blue spruces – the big, tall, old blue spruces – a lot of them were toppled in the windstorm last November, but there are some still around,” said Lundagen.

Lundagen said blue spruces usually grow in shallow soil.

“Spruces are more top foot or so of soil, so that makes them more prone to being blown over,” he said. They have such dense foliage they act as a sail, and the wind catches them they can be pushed over.”

In terms of what you can do, Lundagen said talk with an arborist. You may want to consider having the branches thinned so wind can move through the tree and not push it over.

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