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Drone, Twitter help rescue man from Hurricane Matthew flooding

Photo: Instagram/@imsofirstPhoto: Instagram/@imsofirst


North Carolina filmmaker Quavas Hart unintentionally helped save a North Carolina man stranded in his flooded home with his elderly dog after he posted video he shot with his flying robot on Instagram and Twitter.

Hart posted this video of Hurricane Matthew aftermath on his Instagram and Twitter pages:

Soon afterward he was contacted by Craig Williams via Twitter. Williams told Hart that one of the houses in the video belonged to his brother and that he was stranded with his elderly dog who couldn’t swim. Hart was skeptical.

The two men conversed back and forth and eventually were able to get a boat dispatched to the home and rescue the stranded man and his dog. Hart, of course, captured the whole thing in a video he posted on Twitter.

It just goes to show you never know what could happen with a well-placed tweet. 

You might end up saving a life.

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