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Driver injured in Harrison accident

HARRISON — A Harrison woman was taken to Bridgton Hospital on Tuesday night with minor injuries after her vehicle rolled over at the intersection of Carsely and Naples roads on Route 35.

Fire Chief Dana Laplante said the woman, whose name was not released, was traveling south on Naples Road when she tried to make a left turn onto Carsely Road.

“While taking the turn, her vehicle flipped over and struck a telephone pole,” Laplante said. “The pole ended up being knocked down as a result.”

Laplante said the woman was the sole occupant of the vehicle, and that initially the Harrison Fire Department dispatched Bridgton Fire and Rescue for extrication tools, and LifeFlight to transport the woman.

He said other firefighters were working on setting up a landing zone for the LifeFlight helicopter at a soccer field at Camps Newfound & Owatonna.

“At first, she was complaining about chest and hip injuries, and before we were able to get her out of the car, the injuries seemed at lot worse than they ended up being,” Laplante said. “We were able to get her out of the vehicle without the use of extrication tools, so we called off Bridgton Fire and Rescue. Once she was out, we saw that the injuries weren’t as bad as we first thought, so we called off LifeFlight as well.”

The woman was taken by United Ambulance to Bridgton Hospital with minor injuries, Laplante said.

While the accident is still under investigation, Laplante said the early indication is that speed played a role.

“The road kind of curves to the left where Naples and Carsely roads intersect,” Laplante said. “It looks like she went off the road on the outside shoulder, so I would guess speed was a factor in the accident.”

The vehicle was a total loss and was towed away, Laplante said.


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