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'Don't you hurt that baby,' sheriff says to Amber Alert subject

LAKELAND, FL (WFTS/CNN) – A second sighting was reported of the Florida girl who is the subject of an Amber Alert.

She was reportedly seen at a Tennessee State Park near the Kentucky border.

Investigators say a family friend snatched 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis from her Lakeland home over the weekend.

Saturday, surveillance video captured the girl and the man, who legally changed his named to West Wild Hogs, at a gas station in Forsyth, GA.

Polk County, FL, Sheriff Grady Judd delivered a strong warning to him on Monday.

“Here’s a message to west Wild Hogs: don’t you hurt that baby,” Judd said. “You keep that baby safe and take her to a police department, a sheriff’s office, a fire department. You turn her over to responsible citizens at a church. We’ll worry about catching you later, but we want that child back right now.”

Hogs is believed to be driving north on Interstate 75. He’s driving a stolen gray 2012 Nissan Versa last seen with an Alabama handicapped license plate.

Judd said it’s important for law enforcement to get the word out because, “someone in the community is going to pull up beside this guy or pass him on the interstate.”

Judd was critical of Tennessee’s response because the state did not put out an Amber Alert.

“The state of Tennessee chose not to do an Amber Alert when we asked them to because they said there was no evidence at the time that Rebecca and West Wild Hogs were in Tennessee,” Judd said. “Well, here’s a newsflash Tennessee, he was there. It’s important for the public to understand we’re tracking this guy after the fact. He doesn’t have any cell phone. He has no way for us to track him real time. Law enforcement agencies all over the southeast should be aware that he has kidnapped this 4-year-old child.”

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