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Donations needed to help animals rescued from Abilene area shelter

Officials at the Humane Society of North Texas appealed for donations Sunday to help care for more than 200 animals that were rescued from a shelter near Abilene that is under investigation for animal neglect and cruelty.

Two dead animals were found at the shelter and every animal was thin at AM Farmers Sanctuary in Eula, officials said. The sanctuary a non-profit animal shelter is about 15 miles southeast of Abilene in Callahan County.

Armed with search and seizure warrants, deputies with the Callahan County Sheriff’s Office, Abilene animal control, Abilene police, officials with Rescue the Animals and crews from the Humane Society of North Texas went to the shelter Thursday where conditions were described as deplorable.

Officials removed 162 dogs, 25 cats, seven donkeys, seven pot bellied pigs, six goats, three rabbits, three reptiles, three ducks and one rat.

More than 50 animals were housed in single-wide mobile home trailer that had extremely dangerous levels of ammonia, officials said.

“Rescue workers were limited to a few minutes inside for each trip,” said HSNT executive director Sandy Shelby in a news release. “Most of the animals are noticeably sick.”

Shelby said that feces and urine soaked the trailer and thousands of roaches were on walls.

Dogs and puppies existed in crowded outside pens, and there was no food or water in most of the cages, officials said. The pasture areas for livestock were filled with debris, rusty nails, feces and other hazards. The water troughs were filled with murky green water and one contained a dead rat.

“I have already determined that these animals have failed to receive even the basics of general care,” HSNT veterinarian Cythia Jones said in the news release. “The majority of them need medical attention and all of them need the opportunity for decent food, water and a clean living environment.”

Kenneth Rogers, the father of the woman who owns AM Farmers Sanctuary, said his daughter was just trying to help the animals, according to KTXS-TV in Abilene.

“She just didn’t ever have the assistance or help from anybody to finish and do what she needed to do to help them,” Rogers told KTXS-TV.

Humane society officials noted that they were needing food for the dogs, cats and livestock and cleaning supplies.

“Seizures like this one are a testament to our mission, and because we never turn an animal away, we greatly depend on and ask for support from our community to help us,” Shelby said.

HSNT officials said as the animals recover, they will be available for adoption.

To help

HSNT officials need dry dog and cat food along with food for livestock. In addition, officials need cleaning supplies such as bleach, Dawn dish soap, all sizes of gloves and scrub brushes.

Residents can can go by or ship the items to 1840 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76103.

Donations also can be made at www.hsnt.org/eulaseizuredonate.

Source: Humane Society of North Texas

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