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Donald Trump Dismantles Teleprompters In Frustration During Rally

During a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina Friday night, Donald Trump got frustrated when his teleprompters stopped working and dismantled them to the crowd’s delight, while shouting, “You know what? I like it better without the teleprompter. Get this thing outta here, will you.”

Trump has always hated using teleprompters because he has trouble reading the words and delivering them to audiences. He’d much rather wing it, which lends itself to word salad beat poems, unrelated topics and long rambling stretches.

Trump said to the audience, “These teleprompters haven’t been working for the last 20 minutes. And I actually like my speech better without teleprompters.”

He continued, “Here’s the way I work. Here’s the way government works. So, the teleprompter’s a bummer. It doesn’t work. That means the company doing the teleprompter is in the back. That means they didn’t do a good job. So I won’t pay them. And tomorrow I’ll have a story in the newspaper: ‘Donald Trump did not pay a contractor who put up the teleprompters.’ Well why should I? They don’t work. And they’ll make me like I’m a bad guy like I’m a bad person.”

He used the malfunctioning devices to promote the idea that when he gets sued it’s because he only stiffs small business contractors when he doesn’t like the work they do.

With electrical or high tech devices, there’s always technical difficulties that arises when you’re on the road and musicians or other performers are prepared to deal with them, not stiff their vendors when a problem comes up.

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