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Did Walker Illegally Collaborate With Dark Money Group?

One of the long standing arguments between people in Wisconsin broke the law by illegally collaborating with dark money groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth (WICfG). The Republicans have long held that there is nothing illegal or unethical with what Walker did. Because, y’know, corruption makes for good government.

Take for example, State Representative Robin Vos (R-His mistress’ bedroom) who championed Walker when questions came up when news broke about the Republicans’ pay-for-play with Gogebic Taconite. The mining company had given WICfG $700,000 for the Republicans to loosen up mining laws, so that the company could open up an unsafe iron pit mine in northern Wisconsin.

Vos denied that it was pay-for-play and added this:

Vos also took issue with allegations that Walker’s campaign coordinated efforts with outside conservative groups like Wisconsin Club for Growth. He said neither the governor nor his campaign committee violated any state law.

“An elected official has the ability to help raise money for the campaign or to appear in events that do,” Vos said. “They can’t have any direct efforts or their campaign staff can’t have direct efforts in how the money is spent.

“If my campaign committee coordinated with someone on how the money is spent to elect me, that crosses the line,” Vos said. “And that never happens.”

For the sake of discussion, let’s say that Vos’ misinterpretation of the law was correct. Even then, he is verifying that Walker did break election laws.

From the recent report from the Guardian regarding new emails released from the John Doe investigation comes this email from RJ Johnson, who just so happened to be both a consultant to Walker’s campaign and the head of WICfG at the time:

Gee, it sure sounds like Walker was having a say so in how WICfG was spending their money. It sure fits Vos’ definition of illegal collaboration, so it must be true, right?

I would, however, strongly advise the gentle reader not to hold their breath for Walker, Vos or any other Republican to come clean on any of this.

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