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Did Trump show the ‘right amount of personality’ at the last debate?

Prepping for the third and final presidential debate, the Trump campaign is surveying its supporters for performance tips.

And asking for reviews of Trump’s performance at the second debate. In an email to supporters that includes a link to a debate preparation survey, the campaign asks supporters whether they believed the Republican presidential nominee “showed the right amount of personality” at the second debate.

The survey also asks whether Trump had the “right demeanor” and whether he came off as presidential.

Trump invited to the second debate three women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them, along with a fourth woman who remains angry that Hillary Clinton, then a court-appointed attorney, represented the man who raped her.

A number of women have come forward in recent days to accuse Trump of groping them and the Trump campaign in its email did not raise any issue related to Bill Clinton.

Instead it asked has “Trump done enough to convey to American voters just how truly corrupt Hillary’s email scandal is?” He also asked whether his supporters agreed with Trump’s call “for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal if he becomes president.”

Trump and Clinton will debate for the third and final time Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

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