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Deserving of a normal life, Casper still has a chance

One can only imagine, that as a puppy, Casper’s single wish was to run and play with a partner that equaled him in youthful energy. Someone that would dispense love freely – and often – and in turn receive the loyalty only a dog can give.

What Casper received though was much different.

Earlier this summer Parker Paws, an all-volunteer rescue group, was contacted about a dog that had been rescued, and who had apparently received severe trauma to his right hind-leg.

The dog was discovered on the “sale” portion of Facebook. The rescuer saw that someone was giving him away because they didn’t want him. It was quickly discovered why, due to the nature of the dogs injury, which was a missing proportion of his right hind-leg.

“The rescuer felt she had no choice but to take the dog because the owner said if someone didn’t, the dogs next stop would be the animal shelter, where she felt he would surely be euthanized,” Parker Paws volunteer Christine Birkbeck said.

So, despite his rough beginning, the dog now known as Casper, was in good hands – but not out of the woods.

The young lady who rescued Casper simply didn’t feel like she could devote the time, or money, needed to care him.

The Pyrenees/Labrador mix was going to need a lot of care, including surgery and therapy. That’s where Parker Paws stepped in.

“Right now we’re getting a lot of consultation,” Birkbeck said. “We’ve had a orthopedic veterinarian looking at Casper’s x-rays and a therapist in Fort Worth that specializes in prosthetics for animals, advising us. We are so thankful for Dr. Foland, Casper’s primary care veterinarian, for acting as the liaison between them.”

Birkbeck said it wasn’t clear how Casper sustained his injuries, only that it wasn’t genetic. Casper is undergoing regular therapy to build up his strength for his pending surgery which will more than likely remove a bit more of his damaged leg.

“Once that’s done he’ll be fitted for a prosthetic,” Birkbeck said. “Because he is so young, and of a large breed, he’ll require multiple prosthetics as he grows, until he’s about 18 months.”

And they’re not cheap. Each prosthetic costs about $1,700.

Parker Paws volunteers are excited about Casper’s prognosis.

“This is a team effort – something we’ve never done before,” Birkbeck said. “Dr. Foland will probably do the amputation and we will be consulting with other vets, that specialize in this kind of treatment, to make sure we’re doing this right.”

Joe Lane, owner of Fish Creek Restaurant in Willow Park, and avid supporter of Parker Paws, has hosted numerous fund-raising events for the non-profit in it’s effort to help stray and abused animals.

“Honestly, I’ve always been a dog lover,” Lane said. “I grew up with dogs…my current dog is a rescue dog. I’ve always believed that you don’t really rescue a dog – the dog rescues you.”

Lane said he considers it an honor to be able to provide his restaurant as a hub for Parker Paws events.

“Some people may ask ‘why are you doing this for this dog,’” Birkbeck said. “It’s because he has the potential to have a normal life, with four legs, with the help of the prosthetic.”

She said just because [Casper] is a rescue dog doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be afforded the same opportunity that others would want for their own dog.

“He could be a great therapy dog,” Birkbeck said. “He could pay it forward, for everything the community is doing for him. He could help others, like children who have had amputations, due to a tragic situation.”

As a 501c3 non-profit all volunteer group, Parker Paws relies solely on generous donations from the community to maintain our life-saving foster program. Your tax deductible donation will help to defray medical costs and long term care as Casper begins his journey to a happy, normal life.

You can donate safely by going to:

▪ GoFundMe Page -https://www.gofundme.com/parkerpawscasperInline

Donations on the following sites should be noted “Casper Fund” to ensure the funds are appropriately allocated.

▪ Donate via paypal on our website – http://parkerpaws.org/Inline

North Texas Giving Day 9/22

Online at https://northtexasgivingday.org/ ​Search on Parker Paws​

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