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Delkus interruptus: Off-screen voice disrupts Channel 8 weather forecast

Among the major late-night newscasts in Dallas-Fort Worth, only one, WFAA/Channel 8’s, takes place in a studio that can be viewed by the public. Channel 8’s newscasts originate from a studio in the AT&T Plaza in Dallas’ Victory Park, which can add to the newscast during big events, and Channel 8 personalities are known to broadcast from the Plaza.

Being that visible, however, can have its drawbacks. As happened Sunday night during meteorologist Pete Delkus’ weather forecast. During the forecast, as Delkus was trying to get out some info about a Pacific weather system affecting DFW later in the week, an offscreen voice shouted something that caused Delkus to have to repeat the words “It’s a Pacific system” three times.

Eventually, the voice was quieted as Delkus said, “All right, let’s get to the forecast.” There is no embeddable video of the incident.

Delkus already appeared a little testy. His segment began with anchor Cynthia Izaguirre commisserating with Delkus (a former minor-league baseball) player about the Toronto Blue Jays’ sweep of the Texas Rangers in the American League Division Series. At one point during the forecast, he asks the camera crew to frame him correctly and then during a social-media segment asks for the posts to be put up faster. And that was before the interruption.

But when it came to the interruptions, he kept his cool — as befits a meteorologist. Many viewers asked via social what happened during the forecast.

Delkus answered, taking the opportunity to make a Twitter quip about his friendly rival, sportscaster Dale Hansen. After the incident, Delkus tweeted: “A person outside the studio had enjoyed their weekend a little too much. Dale took him to the cigar bar to calm down! All good now!!”

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