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Death penalty still on the table for Jonathan Renfro

Jonathan RenfroJonathan Renfro


Wednesday morning, Jonathan Renfro appeared in Kootenai County Courtroom twelve wearing a red and white striped jumpsuit and shackles. He is accused of shooting and killing Coeur d’Alene Police Office Greg Moore, and he is represented by public defender John Adams.

Renfro remained quiet and expressionless as a judge denied the defense’s request to preclude the death penalty. The judge also denied a motion by the defense to suppress body camera footage from Sergeant Greg Moore, their request to dismiss their first-degree murder charge, their motion to dismiss that Renfro was concealing evidence, and the motion to dismiss the robbery charge against Renfro.

The entire proceedings lasted roughly an hour. Renfro will be back in court early next year.

In Idaho, there are only three crimes punishable by the death penalty; first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and perjury resulting in the execution of an innocent person. 

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