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Daily Rural Link Roundup – October 18, 2016




Good morning folks,

I’m here with your daily link roundup! A collection of links from across rural America. These links help to illustrate various issues and the different approaches taken to solve them. Inclusion in this list of links is not an endorsement from Lone Pine Policy.

Presidential candidates ‘don’t have understanding of rural America’

An interesting article out of Rural Minnesota that discusses the possible disconnect between major candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and rural constituencies. It also discusses the polling differences in rural communities as well the different approaches taken by the candidates.

Politics and Elections: Alienation Rates Higher in Rural Areas Than Cities

Largely absent from mainstream political discourse, many rural voters feel disconnected from our political culture. There is a stark divide between the way that rural and urban voters view our government and the role that it should play in the future of our society.

Rural communities in N.C. face long path to storm recovery

Rural North Carolina was strongly affected by Hurricane Matthews and many areas are left to clean up after the flood waters have receded. This article looks at the struggles faced by Windsor, North Carolina in the northeastern part of the state.

Opioid addiction scars Wisconsin’s rural landscape

Rural Wisconsin, like many rural communities around our country, has struggled with widespread drug addiction. This is a look at the various issues faced by rural communities as they attempt to address this issue. In this article, the issue is looked at from various perspectives. We see the cultural and financial ramifications of the drug crisis and how these communities have attempted to address it.

Can Personalized Learning Work in Rural America?

This is a look at an approach that attempts to address the educational disparity between rural and urban students. In this article, there is a linked report that discusses how schools (including in rural Maine) have used this educational philosophy to help their students. In fact, the article specifically mentions how Deer Isle – Stonington High School in Deer Isle, Maine has used this as an opportunity to teach local students about the area’s thriving lobster industry.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading.

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