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CPS parent: “Everybody is happy” as tentative deal averts strike

Parents stayed up late to see if they’d have to get up their kids up early.

They did, but they didn’t mind.

When a last-minute tentative deal with the Chicago Teachers Union was reached just before a midnight deadline, it meant Chicago Public Schools parents could finally get some sleep — or, perhaps, watch the rest of the Cubs game.

Parent Robert Redditt, father of twins in fifth grade, said he stayed up until about midnight to hear the result of the negotiations. By 7 a.m., he was dropping his children off at Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center, 4420 N. Beacon St.

“I’m very excited,” Redditt said. “These children will stay on schedule and get the education they need. I’m glad the teachers will get what they need — the administrators, the city, everybody is happy.”

One teacher at Courtenay concurred.

“I’m very happy that they reached an agreement and that we’re not on strike,” said a Courtnay teacher who began teaching in 1986 but did not wish to be identified. “I’m sure we got what we wanted.”

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