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Cowboys’ Prescott sets NFL record, but knows he will lose his job

Dak Prescott already owns an NFL record, and his passer rating ranks ahead of Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston and Brock Osweiler.

Yet, Prescott makes it clear the Dallas Cowboys don’t have a quarterback controversy.

“This is [Tony] Romo’s team,” Prescott said Monday during the team’s Rookie Club NFL FLAG Essentials Clinic at Pearcy Elementary in Arlington. “I’ve said that from the moment that I was named the starter, and he went down. I’m just trying to do my best to win games and put this team in a successful position to do that week in and week out, and when he comes back I’ll leave that up to the big guys.”

Romo is expected to miss at least six games with a compression fracture in his back. But unlike previous seasons, the Cowboys feel they are in good hands until Romo’s return.

I’m just trying to do my best to win games and put this team in a successful position to do that week in and week out and when he comes back I’ll leave that up to the big guys.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who says this is Tony Romo’s team

Dallas already has won as many games this season as it did in 12 games without Romo last season. It’s why the Cowboys believe they have found the heir apparent.

“Physically, he has all the tools that you want,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday. “He’s a big guy; he’s very athletic; he’s strong in the pocket; he can make any throw you could ask him to make in the pocket, any throw you could ask him to make on the move.

“He makes good throws when he’s in a good position physically to make the throw, feet underneath him, clean pocket. He makes a lot of good throws when he’s not in great position, when people are chasing him or he’s moving to his left or he’s under duress.

“I think he’s an excellent decision-maker. He’s handled the different situations in the game very well. We’ve had success; he’s handled that well. We’ve had some adversity; he’s handled that well. We’ve been ahead; he’s handled that well. We’ve been behind; he’s handled that well. So I think you put all of those things together, you feel good about where he is in all aspects of his game.”

75 Pass attempts without an interception in Dak Prescott’s first two NFL games, a league record.

The fourth-round draft pick has completed 62.7 percent of his passes for 519 yards. He has no touchdowns, but Prescott also has no interceptions.

Prescott set an NFL record for most passes without an interception in a quarterback’s first two games, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. His 75 attempts topped the 72 that Warren Moon had in his first two games without throwing a pick.

Chad Hutchinson owns the Cowboys’ record with 95 attempts (over four games) to start his career without an interception, and Tom Brady set the NFL record with 162 attempts (over seven games) without a pick to start his career.

“I’ve just thrown a lot of balls, I guess you can say, in two games,” Prescott said. “It doesn’t really mean anything to me. It’s all about the wins. I’d like to be 2-0. Records are meant to be broken. That happened, and I’m sure that will get broken at some point.”

Turnovers doomed the Cowboys last season. Their four starting quarterbacks combined to throw 22 interceptions, and the Cowboys finished last in the NFL with a minus-22 turnover margin. It’s a big reason they were 4-12.

2-14 Cowboys record in their last 16 games without Tony Romo back to 2013. Dak Prescott, on Sunday, and Matt Cassel, on Dec. 7 at Washington, quarterbacked the wins.

“It’s critical,” Garrett said Monday. “You go back and look at our games over the last few years. When we’ve done a good job of taking care of the ball and going to get the ball, typically we win a lot of games. I think if you look at the statistics around the league the same is true for every team in the National Football League. This goes back a long, long time. This isn’t just this year or last year or the last five years. It goes back a long time in the history of the NFL. It’s really important to take care of the ball.”

So for everything Prescott has done so far, as much promise as he has shown, not turning the ball over has been his best accomplishment.

“Job security is ball security and making sure I put myself and this team in a position to win and not turning over the ball is a good start in doing that,” Prescott said. “That’s one thing I stress in my preparation and going out there playing the game.”

Staff writer Drew Davison contributed to this report.

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