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Could Hurricane Matthew impact North Carolina?


As Hurricane Matthew, a potentially devastating Category 4 storm, swirls across the Caribbean, many are wondering if it could impact North Carolina.

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ABC11 Meteorologist Steve Stewart says the potential for Hurricane Matthew to affect our state is low, but definitely not zero:

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The speed of the hurricane is key to how close it comes to our coast. Faster north movement means the storm might not be pushed out to sea by a strong front.

Slower forward motion is what we’re hoping for. That means the front should keep Matthew off our coast.

Some models show the storm hundreds of miles offshore. That would be the best solution but this far out it’s all speculation.

If you own property along the coast you’re aware of what is going on I realize, but this one has potential to cause significant problems if it’s forward speed increase.

Confidence will be much higher by Tuesday afternoon as Matthew should be north of Cuba by then.

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The ABC11 Weather Team will keep you updated with the latest.

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