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Conservative writers: Please don’t vote for Donald Trump

A group of conservative writers is asking voters to reject Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling him a candidate “most dangerous to our nation’s founding ideals.”

The more than 140 scholars and writers who signed a letter are encouraging people to vote “as we will, for someone else.”

Some of the signers have served in past Republican administrations and all have voted for past Republican presidents and candidates.

“Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most dangerous to our nation’s founding ideals,” they wrote, calling Trump a “unique and dire threat to the political principles, liberties, and cultural values of justice, fairness, honesty, and decency we have long defended.”

The organizers include Andrew Hazlett, a writer in Baltimore and former chief of staff at the National Endowment for the Humanities; Cherie Harder, a writer on faith and culture and former senior counselor to the chairman at the NEH, and a former George W. Bush White House staff member; and Thomas Mallon, author of Finale: A Novel of the Reagan Years. He was a member of the National Council on the Humanities and the deputy chairman of the NEH.

Signers include John Shelton Reed, an historian and Kenan professor of Sociology, emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, political satirist P.J. O’Rourke and Christopher Buckley.

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