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Comcast ready to roll out new pricing structure

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Customers who use Comcast to stream movies, download music, and play game online may have to pay a little extra in the coming months.

The new pricing structure caps the data limit at one Terabyte (TB), which is roughly 1,000 gigabytes (GB).

What that means is that customers will be charged $10 for each “block” of 50 GB of data above 1 TB, kind of like a cell phone plan.

The new pricing structure takes effect on Nov. 1 with a two-month grace period so people can get used to the new plan, according to Washington’s Comcast Spokesperson, Walter Neary.

“Our data plans are based on a principle of fairness,” Neary wrote in an e-mail.  “Those who use more Internet data, pay more.  And those who use less Internet data, pay less.”

People can avoid paying the unexpected charges by paying an additional $50 for unlimited data each month.

But unless you use a lot of data, you don’t need to worry right now. According to Comcast, 99 percent of their customers don’t use a TB of data. And the average data usage for Comcast customers is only 75 Gbps a month.

Here’s an idea of how much streaming, gaming, and downloading you would have to do to reach one TB:

  • Stream 600 to 700 hours of HD movies a month
  • Play about 12,000 hours of online games
  • Download 60,000 high-resolution photos
  • Stream 2,000 – 12,000 hours of music.

To find out how much data you use, click on this data calculator.

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